52 weeks of blogging

2013 in numbers:

  • Backed 6 kickstarter projects (received 5 including one from 2013)
  • Walked 231 miles in the last half of the year (fitbit's interface doesn't want to give me a sum for fitbit-logged data)
  • Visited pretty much all the pubs in Swindon (I need to get geowanderers to output more stats!)
  • Wrote 31 blog posts (and somehow gave up in July)

31? In 7 months? So surely I can do at least one a week this year? Lets see how it goes.

Probable topics: Walking, Bluetooth device tracking, Smartduino hacking, Moving house (!), Conferences, Programming (in more things than Perl!), Organising and more.

Also, less "designing" of blog posts (which usually take me hours to write), and more actual doing!

Happy 2014!