Walking Solo

3 months since my last blog entry, argh! Anyway..

Recently, as it was Get Walking week (or is it month?) I went on a couple of group walks organised by the local Ramblers group NE Wilts to see what this walking in groups thing is like. It was mostly, strange. The groups were 20-30 people. It felt more like a social event than a walk.

I did end up chatting as we went, several of the conversations went something like this:
Rambler: "Is this your first walk?"
Me: "With the Ramblers, yes"
Rambler: "What else do you do?"
Me: "I walk on my own a lot"
Rambler: "Oooh, I wouldn't be brave enough to do that!"

These were all ladies my age or older. I wish I'd asked more of them what they were afraid of. One said she'd get lost. I don't understand, on your own you can go where you like, when you like. You can stop for photos, investigate an interesting thing, or even change direction on a whim. Group walking felt more like a march.