2015 - Three big things

Some plans for this year, three main goals, and some smaller ones around the edges..

1. House

The obvious one, this house needs the roof, render, insulation, boiler, fence and electrics fixing. Then there are the other bits we'd just like to do, dry-line the basement, workshop, kitchen expansion.

Either way we'll have a house warming party, on the anniversary of the date we moved in, on July 3rd (or 4th as that's the closest Saturday), there will be a BBQ, mark the date!

2. J&J3D

More J&J3D! Attend events/craft shows, acquire customers for "3D logos", more blogging. First, website redesign..

3. DBIx::Class book

I started this in.. oh dear, 2012. I should probably finish it at some point! My excuse is/was. moving target. Software never stands still though, so I should just get on with it, and update if needed!

Poke me on Fridays for book updates..

Other things

DBIx::Class hackathon 2015! April somewhen, let's say April 11th?

Games cons, visiting people.. list TBD ;)