Window sill plant drip saucer

I needed a plant saucer for a new plant pot on my window sill, but couldn't find one in the house

Window sill plant drip saucer

I bought another Celosia flower, my favourite, and couldn't find a saucer to stop it getting water all over the window sill. I started out by putting it in a bowl..

Celosia in cereal bowl

.. but this looks a little silly, so I dug around on Thingiverse and found this model that I had already printed one of the items from: Customizable Flower Pot - classic style which also contains a saucer model.

The model is quite small, so first I needed to measure the size of my pot, an Imagineering ruler I won came in handy:

How wide is this pot?

Next I scaled the saucer model in the Cura slicer, note that cura only gives the maximum height, width, depth, so I added some extra for the sides:

Cura slicer scaling the saucer to preferred size

Several hours of printing later..

3D Printed saucer, fresh from the printer

.. in Geeetech PLA blue. PLA itself is waterproof, however the methods of printing can leave tiny holes in the surface. I'd been wanting to try out some methods for making items food safe anyway so I decided to coat this one in Polyurethane varnish:

Varnishing in progress

This doesn't seem to entirely fill the gaps in the surface, yet 24 hours of curing later, and it seems to be holding water:

Plant pot in its 3D printed saucer
3D model design by robertwallace